BATF satisfaction survey

I just found this on my club's list. Since no one's passed it along here, I
will. Just to make sure no one misses this.
Nov 08, 2004
Dear ATF Customer:
ATF will soon be undertaking a survey of customer satisfaction with our
services. Our purpose in conducting the survey is to learn about ways of
improving our services to you. An independent consulting firm, Sirota
Consulting, will conduct the survey.
Sirota Consulting will administer the survey, collect and analyze the responses,
and provide us with reports detailing our strengths and areas that require
change and improvement. Sirota will maintain the confidentiality of the names of
respondents and their organizations. We will only see group data.
You will be able to respond to the survey electronically or on paper. All
responses will go directly to Sirota.
When Sirota sends you information about participating in the survey, we hope you
will respond. You have the opportunity to give us feedback on our performance
and influence any changes undertaken to make us more effective in serving you.
We value you as a customer, and we hope that this latest effort to reach out to
you will only serve to strengthen our partnership.
Sincerely yours,
Carl J. Truscott
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Please spread the word among members to respond resoundingly to this survey.
This is your ATF invitation to complain about the uneven treatment, delays and
bureaucracy you've put up with to this point.
Don't let me down, folks. . .
Mark Bundick, Pres.
National Assoc. of Rocketry
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