Binder Design scale kits?

Hi Mike--

Were you kidding a while ago when you said you could fill the niche (a large selection of mid to high power scale kits) left empty by companies like Aardvark and Blackhawk going out of business?

I haven't quite maxed out all of my credit cards yet.

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We were in negotiations with Aardvark, but that didn't pan out. We are working on bringing back our Honest John, Exocet, and a new one that I'm working on right now. Currently the only scale kit we have is the Iris. :(

Anybody have a copy of our original Exocet instructions?....It was discontinued before I took possession of Binder Design, and Scott doesn't have any of the original files, so I'm stuck with reverse engineering it.

The new one that I'm working on is really cool and I don't think that anyone else has kitted it yet. No hints or clues just yet.

Mike Fisher Binder Design

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Put my name down for one of the Exocet kits.

One was sold on ROL auctions a while back. Bidding went too high for my pocket book.

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Tim Summers

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