Cell Phones for Rockets?

I have several cell phones lying around after switching to newer models and
a different carrier. I was wondering if the phones can be used for telemetry
or GPS functions. Has anyone done anything in this area?
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Arnold Roquerre
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I guess you could call and find out where it landed....(really...I do have a serious side)...worth thinking about certainly...
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LOL! Cool! New voicemail greeting!
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And me LOL!
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Sal (Muppet) has used a cellphone as a rocket, it was an old Ericsson, with a 2 motor cluster! It was "interesting"!!
-- Paul. =================================== Expect the worst, hope for the best..... That way dissapointment is easier to handle!! ===================================
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snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (Hippiestew) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@mb-m29.aol.com:
What about those GPS tracking bracelets made for children?
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Jim Yanik
I've tried launching my children, and they just won't hold still (even if I give them a cell phone).
-- David
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"Jim Yanik" wrote in message
Last time I looked at thoes the bracelet actually talked to a module on the belt. Of course they did not make it obvious from the ad.
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Robert DeHate
I tried (for my child)one of the bracelets with little luck. Now using a cell phone for tracking ... I can see on the web the location and establish geo-fences. Cool stuff ... There are many providers, but I am currently using addressbook.com.
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Mark Proko

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