Cub Scout Day in CT

Not too long ago our club, CATO (NAR581) was asked to come out to a day long
festival called the Housatonic Council Cub Scout Rocket Derby. The initial
request was for us to bring out some HPR static models so the boys could
gaze at them, and then possibly toss a few up to break the monotony.
Well, everybody knows rocketeers simply can't abide by something that
simple. We showed up in force with our complete range setup and somehow
managed to provide instruction, range safety, and the exhibition flights.
Some where along the way we also managed to help 91 boys launch 233 rockets
in just about 5 hours.
Now I know what it means to be tired.
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Al Gloer
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As a very amatuer model rocket fanatic, and as a Cub Scout leader thank you for taking the time to work with the scouts, both to promote the hobby, but also to make their day a truely remarkable experience I am sure. Our PAck does a launch of small rockets with about 65 boys each year and it is one of the hightlights of the year for the boys (and the leaders). More boys come to this than to the pinewood derby race.
Steve in Calif
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