Great job on the LDRS 23 video, Chuck!!

I got my LDRS 23 video in the mail today from Doug Pratt. All I can say is "Great job, Chuck!!" And I love that music, too.

I've only had time to watch the first disc (covering Thurs, Fri and Sat, and running about an hour and a half). The footage is great, and I like Chuck's "editorial comments" interspersed throughout. And as one of the group who was busy with running the launch, this has been a great way to get caught up on all the flights I missed. Can't wait to watch disc two tomorrow night.

Boy, we had nice weather that week, didn't we? ...Rick

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Rick Dunseith
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I'll second Ricks comments.....I watched part of disk 1 in the hotel at the Three Oaks launch weekend before last and thought it was great. I rewatched it without distraction this past weekend with the kids and found it absolutely amazing. The segment with the ground video and on board video of Art Upton's rocket was amazing. Disk 2 rocked as well.

There were a lot of cool moments captured, the commentary was perfect, the video was amazing, the music was cool, and the price was outstanding.

Great work Chuck!!!

Mark A Palmer

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Mark A Palmer

I've been through the whole thing three times now, and it holds up really well. Since I missed the first day of LDRS (all loaded up, and the starter motor blew out of the van) this is the only way I got to see what went on.

I used to shoot miles of Super 8 in the Seventies, and bought a video camera in 1982, so I consider myself a knowledgeable amateur...and I know how hard it is to get decent flight shots. But there's a lot more to it than that. Watching rockets go up one after the other (unless one of them is yours, of course) gets boring after a while. Chuck has just the right mix of action and human background to give you a feel for the experience. That's talent. It's a lot better than anything I could do!

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So you like it then?


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Jerry Irvine

Hey Guys

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. You are the ones who went and lobbed everything in the air, when there is really good material to work with the job is much easier.

I really tried to listen to a lot of folks on how to improve the launch videos. As I said in the video if you weren't there I wanted to take you there, and I wanted everyone to feel it was worth watching more than once.

It was a great week. One I won't soon forget, and one I can revisit anytime I want. Thanks again!


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Chuck Rudy

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