Sky Ripper Gs, X-15s, LDRS DVDS...

Suddenly, all sorts of good stuff rains down on you at once!
Pratt Hobbies is very pleased to note the certification of Sky Ripper's
new 29mm 3 motor set, two Gs and an H. The hardware is shipping now;
reloads will be in stock in two weeks, and shipped in the order that
orders were received. These are wonderful motors. We had them in mind
when we whipped up the new Minitanker Combo system, which is the
easiest way to get started in hybrids: it includes a 5 pound tank, and
uses two channels of your club launch system to fill and fire small
motors (SR G and H, Ratt H70, etc).
Last Friday brought two nice big boxes from Quest, one full of
Brighthawks (I just can't resist that clean fin can; this is a classic
design) and the other with the nifty new X-15. A couple are getting
built, so we'll have pictures other than the ones we stole from the
Quest web site soon...but meanwhile, the kits are in stock!
The esteemed (steamed?) Chuck Rudy informs us that the LDRS DVD is
impending, so we will have pre-ordering implemented on the Web site
later today. We also maintain a stock of Chuck's excellent DVD from
NYPOWER. These are must-have items, essential to help you survive
"building season" (sometimes known as "winter").
More goodies are imminent. This is going to be a good year! We'll be
flying next weekend at the NOVAAR launch in Great Meadow, and we have
the spring Culpeper and July NYPOWER launches on the calendar. Gotta
get out and see the nice folks at MDRA, too.
Best to all,
Doug Pratt
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