I've lost my mind...

Monday is going to be one of the few days that the wife and I have to
ourselves. Instead she get's to share me with a TARC team on the other
side of the state as I help them do their qualifying flight.
Today the union FINALLY calls me for a job, only the 2nd since last
July (thank you Presidente Bushwhacker). I told them I couldn't go
because I'd given my word to be somewhere and I couldn't break
it.....glad it was just a few day hit and the big job doesn't break for
a couple more weeks.
Back to "normal" on Tuesday? Nope. I'll be 3/4's across the state
again helping _another_ TARC team with their qualifying flight. That's
what I get for mentoring teams out in the boonies.
I must be nuts......is this a great hobby or what?!
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Zathras of the Great Machine
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Yes, and some days you just can't win! The Stones said it well, "You can't always get what you want. But if you try real hard sometimes you'll get what you need."
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