Info Needed, DPS, Dynamic Propulsion Systems

Does anybody have a link or info on this company and the EX motor cases they make ? They are called DPS or Dynamic Propulsion Systems .



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Jeff Grey
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Jeff, if you are interested in EX cases, visit

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for a complete array of EX casings...

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Sounds like another one of Jerry Irvine's shell companies.

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Not quite Ray, DPS belonges to Jim Mitchell, from Tennessee. Jim was never an associate of JI.


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W. E. Fred Wallace

And this post sounds an awful lot like a troll....

At the risk of feeding the troll, DSP would be Jim Mitchell.


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I'll risk feeding the troll, to put in a good word for a man who has my respect.

I took Jim Mitchell and Sonny Thompson's first class on EX propellant making. I bought a fair amount of equipment from Jim. The class and the equipment were outstanding, with excellent documentation and highest quality. I have made a few batches of their various "Thunderflame" formulas over the intervening years (not many lately, no time). The other day I was looking at some grains I cast at that first class. They look great, no crystallizing, color changes or particulate dust.

Jim sold casings, nozzles and closures under the DPS name for a while, but I haven't heard anything about him in a while. IIRC, he owns a machine shop, and he probably had to stop with the fun stuff and concentrate on making money. I know that everything I bought from him was a work of the machinist's highest art. I have an H casing of his on my desk at my day job, just to admire.

If you are looking to buy some secondhand stuff that Jim made, I can assure you it started out as highest quality...however it may have been abused by the owner!

I have seen hardware from Loki and John Bolene (Mostly Missiles) for EX users, and both appear to me to be very high quality. If I had the time for EX, I would be buying from them. Dang, I'm getting the itch to cast a few grains again...

Doug Pratt dad-at-pratthobbies-dot-com

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And a good guy to do business with (which reminds me I need to order some nozzles).

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But you must be a class alum before you can access the site. If you have not taken his class, then "No AP for you!".

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