Injet Decals - paper too thick!

I have an HP PSC1350 printer that can't seem to handle the thicker backing on decal paper sheets. Only a 2in tall band prints about 2in from the top of the page. All other areas show faint images. Printer works fine with regular(20lb) paper. Does anyone know of thin decal paper? Barring this, what printers are known to work with decal paper?



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John Crane
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I am not familiar with this printer, but my printer has a paper thickness switch. There may be one on yours, check the instructions.

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"John Crane" wrote in news:542dnXggCNVuZ2renZ2dnUVZ

The problem is most likely due to the sharp turn the paper has to make when it is pulled from the input tray. I checked, and the PSC1350 doesn't have a rear, straight-through paper slot. Most of the all-in-ones don't.

Try heating the paper up with a hair dryer right before you print. It may make the backing flexible enough to make the turn better.

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Jeff Richardson

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