Irvine, Help with GLUE

Bob posted this so I tought I'd start a thread
Examples of posts to ignore from RMR:
Moon landing a hoax
George Bush ...
Anything involving GLUE or IRVINE :-)
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I said nothing.
Yet look. You intentionally misrepresent.
Reminds me of 1987-1994. You have not changed one bit.
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Jerry Irvine
Well, the felony stuff is all jerry's doing. As far as the civil fraud conviction goes, I was one of four ex partners of jerry's, and yes, We had to sue jerry for fraud.
Does that make the fraud "part" My fault?
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Dave Grayvis
NEW from Sticky Wicket Rocketry:
"bounces off me, sticks to you"
"Big fine" for unauthorized use !
....Just kidding Jerry.......
farce, the whiole thing
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Yes it is, and as a side note, much like WD-40,it has many other uses.
For example, if You apply a small amount to each of your fingertips, You can very effectively renew a set of old worn out sticky fingers to like new condition.
It can also be used to make simulated nose boogers, ask jerry, he swears by it.
It's also good for attaching felt to the bottom of "fancy" pencil holders.
The only real drawback though, is that You have to order it in two hundred pound quantities.
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Dave Grayvis

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