Is Stanford Systems Still Around?

I haven't been able to reach the website let alone get a returned e-mail.
Does anybody know?
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Jeff Grey
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Duno maybe they finally shut him down?
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
No big loss. Just vapor ware, like the owner. ....Ed
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Ed Rowe
I got this from a Google cached page:
Due to our inability to pay many of our suppliers, we are forced to shutdown We apologize to our customers who have been inconvenienced.
We will attempt, over the up-coming months, to reopen the web site with only the information sections available. Please check back later this year is case we can do this.
Thank you for your support and we wish you good luck in your rocketry endeavors
Woody Stanford, Owner
Not looking good folks...
shockie B(
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Unless that IS good news.
In this industry it seems like killing vendors is treated as a FEATURE.
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Jerry Irvine
Inconvenienced = ripped off.
Too bad, it would have been nice to be able to buy sugar motors.
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