Jerry likes the ladies clothes!

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found a thread on this from UTR, thought i would punch RMR in and see what > came up.
> has anyone looked at the numbers and realized our numbers are shrinking > here?
> and how did i get in the top 40? wow.
Heh, you can find some interesting stuff in there. If you click on the
link on the top right to get the "enhanced" version of the page for IE
users, you see a lot more info. For instance, if you scroll down to the
top users, you can get a "profile" of each of the users showing you all
the newsgroups that person posts in. It seems that Jerry Irvine must
have a thing for wearing ladies panties. ;-) He has 5 posts in with the latest post coming on 07-02-03.
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Scott D. Hansen
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There was a spam/political post earlier this yesar that was crossposted that I replied to. I did not kill the crossposting till the 6th reply.
Does crossposting = crossdressing?
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Jerry Irvine
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We were invaded by a couple of trannies about a month ago, and they crossposted to their own "unique" groups. And believe it or not, some of them had actual rocketry content.
As far as Jerry Irvine's personal proclivities, like who cares? He makes some really great motors and I hope some day to fly them. I don't care what he does off the range as long as he doesn't frighten the horses.
Get a life.
Bill Sullivan
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The Rocket Scientist
Bill, Since this isn't a political thread, I'll join in. (see below)
The Rocket Scientist wrote:
Ditto here. If he ever gets his act together and gets legal, I'd buy his motors, too.
Does Jerry wear kilts, by chance? >;-)
Take two, they're small. ;-)
Oh, and if you add both of my e-mail names: mark.simpson@comcast and, I'm in 5th place in posting, just behind Randy. That's way too scary for me. I need to get a life. ;-)
Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers
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Mark Simpson

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