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> And don't forget to mention all the other motor
>> manufactures that were able to comply to the
>> same requirements.
Big Fine replied:

So, you're finally admitting that you are unwilling to meet the requirements?
That you can't get your motors certified because of YOUR OWN CHOICES?
Good. Now sit down and shut up.
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Get a life.
I am banned (an arbitrary condition) anyway so the issue will never be tested.
Having said that, while I am waiting for etermity to expire, I am asking both TRA and NAR to NOT ask for ATF permits of manufacturers prior to submission of motors.
TRA clearly does. NAR does but their chairman by vague reference IMPLIES he MAY not, but in fact it is a prerequisite.
Both until they affirmatively state it is NOT a prerequisite.
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Jerry Irvine
He seems to be the loudest while sitting. Maybe he should stand and shut up. I can't even imagine having this forum as your main goal each day. How f'n sad is that. I bet he wakes up before the alarm and waddles over to the computer with anticipation just to gear up for the days postings. I will put a picture of a keyboard on my ass so he won't get withdrawls while kissing my ass.
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Face facts, Jerry. You admitted that the MANY folks who have had their motors certified are those who were willing to follow the rules. You CHOOSE not to comply, so your lack of certification is your own fault.
That would be nice if it were true. Then you could stop all this garbage about the cert requirements.
Right, just like you wanted them to stop asking for proof that your motors could be legally shipped, when you knew full well that you were shipping illegally.
Stick to the facts. You claimed that NAR "demands" ATF permits. They make no such demand -- you are free to go on making illegal motors if you want to. Just don't expect to get them certified.
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