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Good Evening,

I am looking for suggestions for a mail order source for Aerotech engines.

I have just completed my first mid-powered rocket (an Aerotech Initiator) and am looking purchase some E, F, & G engines.

I am looking for a "reliable" source for one-use-only and reloadable engines and reload kits. I would like to do business with someone who actually has in-house stock and doesn't play middle-man and forward orders to someone else.

This group seems well versed in the area of mail order business. Can anyone give me some advice or suggested suppliers?

My local hobby store (where I purchased their one and only Aerotech rocket)is sporadic at best about carrying Aerotech engines and supplies. They can order anything I want, but so can I, and not have to wait. I do patronize my local shop, but in this case they do not seem able to help me.


Mike P.

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Mike Penovich
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Les Kramer

Hi Mike.

I would suggest RedArrow Hobbies.

here is a URL for SU AT motors:

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other good dealers are

countdown commonwealth justrockets

and many many more

I like to pick dealers that support the hobby and go to launches rather then just big box houses. just my opinion

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Cranny Dane

bah, get em local. you'll understand in the future.

got more than just you flying mid power? this is a trick we used to get a local shop to stock engines.

get all your friends to stop at the shop at one time. try not to enter all at once, but maybe at 3-5 minute intervals. as soon as you are all assembled and greeted each other (in earshot of the manager/owner). ask about such and such engines, when they say they are out of stock of such thing, suggest that there is going to be a bit of demand for them.

the best part was when three of us were at the shop and I asked about some F39 reloads (sweet motor!) and my friend commented that the E30 is cooler. the third pipes in with his favorite and the manager realizes that he has a horde of motor hungry cash carrying customers that are going to spend their money elsewhere, because he isn't stocked.

the next time a group of us showed up. the manager asked if *I* had a minute and I said "sure!" in five minutes he was on the phone with his distributor and we was going over what motors he should be ordering. I kept saying things like "order three" and he would say on the phone "get me six"

and that is how hobby connection of schofield got into stocking mid power motors. Our club has bought about half his inventory so far. with 10 percent discount.

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Tater Schuld

Keep working with the local guys as much as you can; it'll pay off in the long run.

Red Arrow is someone I've dealt with and has treated me well. Commonwealth Displays, as well, although their website is a bit odd, as also been a postive experience.

Wildman usually has a good stock; Magnum should, now that they're up and running again. Countdown Hobbies probably does, as well, and the new owner really seems customer-focused.


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Kevin Trojanowski

Who's running Magnum now????

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Bob Kaplow

Someone named Mike in Nottingham, PA.

Can't tell you beyond that, as I don't know.


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Kevin Trojanowski

Here he is:

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Flying his 'little' O motored Wac Corporal.


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Chuck Rudy

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