Minie-Magg Drag Race Video

I snagged this from alt.binaries.models.rockets
Way cool...
Last Saturday, there was a Minie-Magg drag race held at Bong Recreational
Area near Kenosha, WI. We had 14 participants launching in two salvos.
Here's a link to the video I put together. Be forewarned -- it's 20 meg
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K Cornelius
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Geez, you sure do get around Chuck! Hahaha.
That was a great vid -Thanks for sharing.
Paul (Impakt) Perth Advanced Rocket Club - Western Australia
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ABMR (alt.binaries.models.rockets) is where non text stuff is posted for RMR!
So you little boys, took a post with graphics that was posted in the correct place, and re-posted it to the associated news group where it didn't belong!
Shows you all how lost kids on the Inet can be. Please ask your parent's to monitor your internet usage, and to block RMR. Also, have them send you off to a "special school" to learn about the Internet.
"Idiots on Parade" should be the title of your posts.....
Impakt wrote:
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AZ Woody
There are links posted to this NG every day. This was rocket related--nothing more. Who named you as the Gestapo of this NG? Kevin
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K Cornelius
I would have never seen it had it not been reposted on rmr......dunno why there would be a concerned citizen complaining......Thanks for reposting Kevin, they did well. Concerned citizen, posters post links from other forums all the time, it's a network kind of thing....this place has been dead lately anyway, the link gave me a reason to actually look at something here.
Impakt, I didnt' do the video, I would guess Wildman had something to do with it. Cool nonetheless.
Now concerned citizen it's time for you to get your hockey helmet on and get on the short bus home.
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Chuck Rudy

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