Model rockets and teaching physics: Any suggestions?

I'm thinking about incoporating model rockets into a high school physics
course that I teach. However, I don't want it just to look nice, I want the
students to be able to make some kind of connection between the rocket
flights and quantitative physics. In theory, I could tie this into lessons
about momentum, thrust, and the range equation. (although in practice the
light mass of a model rocket compared to the relatively large air resistance
plus wind will probably make all predictions grossly unreliable.)
Does anyone know of any books or websites that offer suggestion on
integrating physics classes and model rockets?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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I did a google search for "physics classes and model rockets" and looks like a lot of sites you can look at, hope this helps, Le
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Try this.
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Bill Sullivan
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The Rocket Scientist

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