NARAM-47 Best MidWest Qualified Flight Award!

[Looks like this post didn't show up last week, so here it is again...]
Well, here's the news every one has been waiting for: the winner of the
NARAM-47 Best MidWest Qualified Flight Award!
We had some outstanding flights this year. Among them were:
Parachute Duration: NASA Genesis deployment failure
The Ramada Inn, which really should have won the award. In fact, it was suggested we rename the award the "Ramada Flight Award".
Lee Berry J230 Skidmark firestarter
Gordie Agnello SkyHook Grasshopper prang
C SD: Matt Filler landed on shoping center roof - stepped on by construction worker
A CL Alt: Flying Ibeam Kids rocket ignited, and stuck in tube. George Gassaway saw the white smoke and remarked "We have a pope"!
1/2A BG: Tom Lyon hit his significant other
Steve Humprey BG landed in Ken Hutchinson's sunroof
D/E Dual Eggloft Duration: Booster Boys sep, capsule hit SUV running board and splattered 2 cars - belonging to the two timers for the flight
John Buckley Egglofter that splashed behind pad 8
Cassidy Steele reload cato that totally burned up the rocket.
Spot Landing: Sam Sommers sep, tail section backslided towards range tent. Jim filler ducked, allowing Ted Cochran to be struck squarely in the chest. Ted commented "It's just a scratch"
Steve Humphrey F Flying Saucer landed on sport range tent, fell between tents, measurable
Sport Scale: Steve Humphrey Ariane 2*C6-3+MM pranged
Peter Alway scale lawn dart. Now Peter has to build a new model.
Bruce Markielewski pranged in weeds
PMC: Jim Brower F4 Phantom pranged twice. Dave Schafer commented "Tom Ridge was right, everyone needs some duct tape"
Jay Calvert F9 Panther pancaked twice
Russ Anthony X-wing came apart in air pranged
Jim Filler F16 C6-3 looped past Steele veered at Chad
Chan Stevens F14 punctured trailer, then landed on carrier deck. When someone went to pick up the remains, the comment was "I'm going to need a bigger bag".
Sara Wolf Ariane 4 just missed Chad Ring. Try harder next time.
Steele attempt to hit Chad Ring. See above.
Bruno Dipasquale multiple misfires and finally last flight of meet.
And the winner, and only the second to win back-to-back BMWQF awards, (first to do it twice in the same event) was Chan Stevens. He should have declared carrier landing for his mission points.
Dishonorable mentions to Lee Berrys Skidmark firestarter and the Booster Boys Egg Splatter.
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