new model rocketry commercial

I'm watching the UK-U of L football game on ESPN and Evergreen Investments has an TV ad that shows a model rocket with its parachute out orbitng the earth.....then it pans to a father and son looking up at it with an estes launch pad next to them .. with the voice over: performance exceeds expectations.. now thats a positive neat commercial!

shockie B)

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Yeah, but how did they get the chute to deploy without the nose cone popping off?

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Bill Eichelberger

Sweet -- a commercial that actually uses model rocketry in a positive, though humorous way. Usually when model rockets are used in commercials it's more like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon, with the model wreaking havoc and destruction.

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Rear-ejection, with a cord tied to the top of the nosecone...? :-)

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Len Lekx

The rocket was so well constructed, so well balanced, the ejection charge was so perfect.....that the nosecone popped off, and the shockcord snapped it right back into place!


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Greg Heilers

In space, no one can hear you scream.

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Jerry Irvine

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