OT- can you say MOOOO?

the plight of "gassy" cows....

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I still say we ought to hire illegal aliens as gas collectors to reduce dependence on oil..

have you hugged your cow today?

now we know why the space aliens were so interested in cows! a potential energy source as biological gas emiiters... just think! if everybody owned their own personal cow (biological gas emitter) one cow could heat an entire household.

just think! cow farms where you have gas collectors stuck up the butts of millios of cows... it would be a cow methane farm!

shockie B)

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Cow farts should smell bad, it's nature's warning system.

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Dave Grayvis

Cows with gas collectors stuck up their butts? I'm thinking that this is a revolt waiting to happen. Either that or a PETA members wet dream.

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Bill Eichelberger

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