[Planet News] Natural Resources Canada re-classifies AeroTech model rocket motors

AeroTech Information Release
CEDAR CITY, Utah USA ? Natural Resources Canada (NRC) has revised its
shipping classification for a number of popular AeroTech model rocket
motors. The motors are now classified as UN class 1.4C.
Previously, these motors were classified as class 1.3C in Canada which
made them extremely difficult and expensive to ship. The new
classification enables these motors to be shipped using the same means
as other model rocket motors, and will help to make them more widely
available in Canada.
The motors affected include:
E15-PW, E15-4W, E15-7W
E30-4T, E30-7T
F20-4W, F20-7W
F23-4FJ, F23-7FJ
F25-4W, F25-6W, F25-9W
F50-4T, F50-6T, F50-9T
NRC also revised the classification for the AeroTech F14J, which is no
longer in production.
AeroTech wishes to thank NRC officials for their revision of the
The revised approval certificate may be downloaded in PDF format from
the Resource Library on the AeroTech website at
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AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor
Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT.
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Like many of the distributors, dealers and shippers ever handled them otherwise until TC/DG and ERD pointed this minor detail out. Good for AT getting this cleared up finally.
Anthony J. Cesaroni
Cesaroni Technology/Cesaroni Aerospace
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