Ray, why do you remove the [FFT] designator from others' threads?

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The usual. See the thread entitled, "[FFT] Cert vs LEUP Q"
An alternative (maybe less rude) would be for the flamer to start a new thread instead of inserting a flaming branch into an FFT thread.
Dwayne Surdu-Miller SAROS #1
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Dwayne Surdu-Miller
Ok, I just looked at my posts in that thread, and I see that the [FFT] designation is missing from the subject. I didn't do that, so I assume that Google (or my browser) is stripping it automatically for some reason. I wasn't even aware of it, since I don't look at the subject heading unless I'm creating a new thread or (rarely) changing the title to reflect a change in the topic.
If anyone can suggest a way to prevent this automated change, please let me know.
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