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They are my favorite motor ever!!!!!! They initial Thrust peak of 400 lbs or so...dropping to about 200 lbs for about 2 seconds....Talk about a heavy lifter.....I have a project that I am rebuilding that will take a cluster of 5 J570's....lost it not too long ago on 2 J570's and J420....Lost it in December and got it back in April....Can't wait to get it rebuilt.
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Having missed getting into rocketry before the AT stuff dried up, I havent seen much AT WL flown. However the K550 that I did see was awesome, and its possible that three of those rare J570s may end up being flown together :-) That would be something to see! My L1 rocket is designed to hold all the Pro38 motors (intended for L2 as well), but the new J330 isn't quite the same. I think its pretty close (on paper) to the J350, but nowhere near as much smoke/flame. The older J360, however, had quite a different thrust curve, with a pretty high peak thrust. Paul Brooks' Tiny Pterodactyl on a J360 really shifted at UKRA.
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"Gravity assisted pieces of the rocket raining from the sky should be avoided. It is also financially undesirable." -Portland State Aerospace Society
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Come across the Pond...I hope to re-fly this rocket in its originally intended configuration 5 X J570's for an M2850....5460 n/s in November. J570's are cool....lots of smoke...lots of fire...lots of lift...and a pressure wave that you can feel at the LCO desk ;-)
I have 9 of these bad boys set aside (yes I am hoarding) ;-)
My L1 rocket is designed to hold all the
Somewhere between a 350 and a motor too. I actually think the CTI motors are more efficient...cleaner...and are cool....but alas...not nearly as much smoke and fire.....the Pro75's do seem to have a little more smoke.....
The older J360, however, had quite a different thrust
Now THAT is insane!!!! LOL
Mark A Palmer TRA 08542 L3
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