Re: Estes 25 year Anniversery Enterprise

would like to see pics. I have a 3.47x upscale Freaky Flyer that flies
great on a D12 and I am beginning construction of a 5.44x upscale that will
fly on a H242.
The mini- Freaky Flier...Now the NAPAS Groups Freaky Flier is a whole
> different Thing....hey Cathy....I hear rumors about it being at Three
> Oaks...Ooooo.....Can't wait!
> Mark Palmer
>> In article , Jerry
> Irv>>
>> >> However the simple fact that Estes even put the kit out says that. > You
>> >> think they want to deal with the liability issues they'd get from an
>> >> unsafe kit?
>> >
>> >They have put out some pretty unsafe kits.
>> Such as?
>> Eldred
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Zak Orion
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biggest problem I have seen is seperation, which should be fixable by using a small gauge kevlar and tie it through the bodytube and upper plastic ring.
how many fins did you have pop off during flight that was not because of a CATO
upscaling fixes all on this model, and it flies so cool.
My wife had one that blew apart at ejection after about its 4th flight
3/16th in rod and a 24mm motor mount set back for a E. Then add noseweight and put a F21 into it. ;)
Aerotech D13's
Aerotech D13's
Mine flew great, it was just the deployment that sucked(chutes always tangled even with swivels) My next on is going to have only one chute come out and the other tube stuffed with dogbarf.
not the "it sucks" list)
replace the whistles with more motors ;)))))
Never owned or wanted one
want to get one of these someday but not the estes version.
Impeach the President
Get a real Webmaster
contact the FCC and complain about KC9ESF then get another radio and sit outside his place and start swearing over the radio.
Hmmm, will have to think on these problems a little while
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Zak Orion
How would someone go about upscaling a model? My thinking is, pick a main tube size you want, then scale everything else to that factor. Is this reasonable?
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Personally, that is what I did. I can't take credit for the first upscale of the freaky(I stole taters design). But with my 5.44x upscale I decided on a 3.9" body tube then measured the dimensions of the fins on the original freaky and multiplied by the upscale factor.
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Zak Orion
Very reasonable if you're dealing with a rocket with only one body diameter. And your antique slide rule becomes an excellent tool for converting dimensions from one scale to another.
It gets a bit more complicated when you have 2 or more body diameters to deal with. Back in 1984 I generated a table of tube ratios for use in scale modelling. A decade later Peter Alway produced a similar table for his out of print book "The Art of Scale Modelling". You scan the table for a ratio that is close to what you are looking for to get possible tube combinations for your model.
The alternative is to make some or all of your tubes from scratch.
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Bob Kaplow
That's what I do. Usually I make a spreadsheet with all of the dimensions such that if you input the tube diameter, it fixes the scale and scales all the other dimensions for you.
This is particularly useful if the model you are scaling has more than one diameter tube, as it allows you to see what scaling factor gives the closest fit to the available tubes.
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Darren J Longhorn
I am looking at this with great interest. I ask if the 25th anniversary Star Trek rocket is stable and get a bunch of "stuff" about upsizing... Quite funny actually. It must be my fault somehow ;-)
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Greg Cisko
More to the point, this is usenet. Do people genuinely expect topic drift not to happen? Do they genuinely feel that something is improper if the original message starts a multi-branched conversation which may not all be directly related to the initial topic?
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
Just answering Eldred's question, with what I thought would be useful on-topic, polite "stuff". Must have completely forgotten where I was.
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Darren J Longhorn
Hi Zak. The rumours Mark heard were true. The NAPAS Freaky Flyer is a 17.5X upscale of the Estes kit, and we did indeed take it to Three Oaks a couple of weeks ago, where we flew our 108 lb beast on a Cesaroni Pro-98 N2500 for a beautiful flight to about 5300'.
Since you asked for pics, Zak, check our Marc Klinger's beautiful photos of our flight:
- go to
formatting link
under "Three Oaks November 2004", click on the "Saturday 9:30am - 2pm" link - Page 2 has two shots of us finishing our prep - Page 3 has us taking it out to the pad - Page 5 has us racking it - Page 6 has it patiently waiting its turn to fly - Page 7 has a great sequence of shots of the flight - Page 8 has a sequence of deployment and recovery
Building and flying our F.F. was a wonderful team experience, all inspired by a tiny little Estes rocket.
Zak Ori>would like to see pics.
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Rick Dunseith

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