Re: rocket meeting

I am a slouch when it comes to orginization, hence I got a good secreteary
>on board now. just find some rocket freinds, get em together once a week,
>and start having meetings.
Jobs, families, kids, soccer games, etc. All those keep people from getting
together that often. I may try to pull something together next spring. Since
it's getting colder, rockets won't be viable much longer.
Best way I found is to get them together to have "build sessions" most
>newbies are worried that they might screw something up, or not have a
>particular sandpaper or glue. Having a build night helps you all get
>together to share tools, tips, and ideas.
>oh club fell together when a freind asked if I could do a model rocket
>launch/make-n-take for a batch of kids. I knew I could not do it allone and
>called a bunch of freinds together to help. I offered free beer and help the
>founding meeting of our club in a bar. not a kid freindly place, but it got
>me founding members
I need to come up with something for the Girl Scout troup. We were thinking
that the girls could design and build a high power bird, then have someone
sponsor the launch from the JMRC. I'm not sure how do-able building from
scratch(as opposed to a kit) will be yet.
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