ROL NEWS--Apogee Releases Corrugated Plastic Wrap

Apogee Releases Corrugated Plastic Wrap March 15, 2006 Web posted at: 6:54 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- Apogee Components has just released a new "generic"
vacuum-formed corrugated plastic wrap that is used to make rockets look like real NASA-style launchers. The corrugations simulate the structural ribs (called stringers) used on real rockets to join the fuel and oxidizer tanks together. These new plastic wraps are purely decorative, but they can be used to hide the joint where two body tubes come together.
"To make a really distinctive rocket, nothing is quicker and easier than adding textured vacuum-formed wraps," said Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Components. "In just seconds, you'll turn a simple 3-fins-and-a-nose-cone type rocket into a stunning looking model that others will really admire. There are so few models with texture on them, that they really stand apart from every-day kit models."
To use these new wraps, the modeler simply cuts the strips of corrugations out of the plastic, trims them to the right length, and glues them down to the tube. There are a number of everyday glues that can be used, including plastic-safe CyA adhesive.
What makes them generic is that the wrap only contains "corrugations." They do not have any other bumps and buldges, such as the vacuum-formed wraps used on the Saturn V kit. So this new product allows the modeler to add a little texture without going too extreme.
Since these corrugations are made from styrene plastic, they can be sanded and painted to match the rocket's overall color scheme. Plus, the product actually contains two different spacings between the stringers: tight and loose. Both varieties are sized to fit around a 4-inch diameter tube, and can be trimmed for smaller rockets. For more information, please visit:
Source: Apogee Components
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