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Hey all,
Awhile back, I discovered these very useful scripts, for
generating body tube "fin guide wraps"; and for generating
paper/cardboard transitions. Simply edit these Post Script
files (in your favorite simple text editor), to give them
the desired dimensions; and print the new .ps file on your
printer. These scripts are very well documented, and very
self explanatory.
Now, I did not create them; but I also do not have the original
web address from where I discovered them; so I have uploaded
them to my own webspace. A fine gentleman by the name of
Matthew Stum is the creator of them.
But, they be:
formatting link

formatting link

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Greg Heilers
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Hi Greg, as you probably know I'm a new model builder and new to the group. I followed your links and dl'ed them. I have Acrobat 5, not just the reader version but the full version. On the, distiller made me a nice wrap.pdf, the didn't work out.
I'm probably the newest rocket modeler around and not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to applying computer modeling to real life stuff.
What I'm getting at is...what do I do with this .pdf?
sorry for the ignorance.
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Well...without knowing exactly what values you plugged into it; and your computer you are using, I have no answer. If you have an application that will convert the .ps file to a .pdf file, then you are on the right track (by your posting, I assume you do). Just print the .pdf file on your printer. On, the "length" value needs to be the vertical dimension from top to bottom, *not* the surface length of the transition. Also see my added notes to the script: If you use a "length" of "0.00"; and the *internal* diameter for tube get...
Is giving you *anything*? I ask, because on my system (Slackware Linux 10.1); I kept getting an error with the scripts. I emailed Matthew Stum with the details, and he attributed it to some changes to the basic .ps scripting language; since he wrote the original scripts. He had an updated version available within the next day.
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Greg Heilers

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