NMRA member useful?

Hi all
Would becoming a member of NMRA be useful for someone not living in the US
( missing conventions and such )? Or would it be worth the membership to
have access to the online Library , I'm having a hard time finding
trackdiagrams and maps with enough detail, would they have that?
Thanx Jan
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Jan(Bouli)Van Gerwen
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Jan(Bouli)Van Gerwen was zeer hard aan het denken :
Why don't you start here:
formatting link
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It is a waste of money dont use them you history societies of the railroads you like. They are much better and have more information
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snipped-for-privacy@aim.com spake thus:
Hey, nobody asked *you*, you top-posting, illiterate god-boy fuckhead.
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David Nebenzahl
David Nebenzahl wrote in news:45ba5e9a$0$17937$ snipped-for-privacy@news.adtechcomputers.com:
A simple "I disagree" would be sufficient. And yes, he addressed the question to the group. *Every one* in the group.
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David is feeding a pathetic troll. Curt "I swallow" McHere loves the attention. It doesn't matter that the attention is entirely negative in nature. It's the only attention Curt can get, it makes him feel loved and needed. It's David's charitable act of the day.
Paul^H^H^H^H Steve the Other -- The lotto must be rigged, I should have won by now. Modular furniture is cruel and unusual.
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Steve Stevenson
Steve Caple, or is it Brad or Mark this hour.............
This question was asked the train board and I answered it. I am correct too.
You are the pathetic troll always using your potty mouth to clutter up=20 this board with your flameouts
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