Chicago railroad map.

Growing up in Chicago fifty years ago (gasp) my friends and I used to
play around a small CNW yard on the northwest side of the city. In my
faded memory I believe that it would be a great little switching puzzle
yard to build up and take to shows... but I can't remember the exact
track plan.
Does anyone here know where I might find aerial photos or track maps of
Chicago in the 50's? (I've already tried Sanborn, but I am such small
potatoes to them that they won't even answer my e-mail.)
Thanks in advance for the help,
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I've spent a good bit of time off and on over the last year at the Golda Maeir (sp?) library on the UWM (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee) campus working with their online Sanborn maps. They only have the Wisconsin maps, but I'd bet someone there could tell you where to find Illinois maps.
Definitive source would be aerial photos. Sanborn maps aren't always accurate wrt tracks, especially in yards.
This looks like a good source for both maps and photos:
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Michael Brown
Have you tried the terraserver and/or topozone sites?
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Here are some links that may be helpful or put you in touch with those who can get the info you're looking for:
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There was also a book several years back on Railfanning Around Chicago and there was a removable railroad map included, though I don't know how detailed it was. Maybe someone can give you more info on the book.
Hope this helps . . .
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I think the book you're thinking of is the "Train Watcher's Guide to Chicago" by John Szwajkart. His current web site is:
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also has some good links for Chicago RR info.
Also, while it does not get down to the level of individual tracks and turnouts, I have always found the old Chicago Tribune "Chicagoland Map" to be a very useful aid. Gary Q
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Also try
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Most of the Chicago area is at high resolution satellite. Even if the tracks have been pulled up, you can usually find where they had been
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James Korman
James Korman wrote in news:
Also try Google Earth. This is a new, free service in beta right now. Requires a viewer download, but the results are spectacular.
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Thanks for the help, guys. I have dutifully tried most of the suggestions and I found one to be particularly helpful in my quest. All I remembered was that the yard I was looking for was somewhere north of Lawrence Avenue on the West side of the CNW tracks. At
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I searched for Lawrence Avenue, scrolled East to the tracks, scrolled North, and there it was at the intersection of Bryn Mawr and Wolcott. Of course, most of the tracks have been taken up, but you can still see where they were.
The interface is very easy to use and the resolution is the best of any of the ones I tried. The ability to flip back and forth between map and satellite is extremely helpful. Thanks again!
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