1/10th Scale Subway Train Model

Hello, I am in the planning stage of building a diorama involving a New York
City R27 subway train.
The dimensions of each train car would be 6 feet long and 1 foot wide and high.
I was thinking of using some type of plaster. Once I create a mold of a side
of the train, I could fabricate the cars fairly quickly. Also, I thought about
clay; the problem is I would need a type which wouldn't require a kiln for
I would appreciate any suggestions, thank you in advance.
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Ah, that's a lot of plaster. It would be rather heavy and unwieldy. You'd be better off fabricating them out of sheet brass or aluminum. How many cars are you going to have? hth
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Rather heavy? Masterpiece of understatement! They'd also be damned fragile.
You'd be
At 6' long, they could just about be built like the real things - sheet metal on frames and chassis. But fibreglass would work just as well. Make one mould and layer away!
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Rob Grinberg

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