1/25 "old west" figures ?

just picked up the old AMT "The General" train engine. Have been told its 1/25 scale. I seriously doubt there are train set figures in this scale??

I want to finish it in an old west or working train dark grey/black finish with a couple of figures.

Probably gonna be one of those dead end diorama ideas I keep coming up with, but you all may know of something...

thx - Craig

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found some Preiser Indians and cowboys. So I could do either an Indian raid on the engine or a hold up. Have not seen any figures for the train crew, fireman, conductor, etc.


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why not show the indians riding away after they massacre, mutilate and rob? you could make a lot of dead guy's parts. lotsa blood and a blown up train has many possibilities.

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Go to the model train store (or oner like Walther's on line) and look for G-Guage figures. They run all the way from 1860s to present. Some tend to be a bit toylike, but with a bit of tweaking, can be made into first-rate figures. Some of the structures and hardware are truely dynamite as well.

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The Old Man

Check them out first - "G Gauge" right now seems to cover either

1/22.5 or 1/29.5 depending on the manufacturer.

Take a gauge or ruler -- anything about 3" high (75mm) should work as well as 77mm figures.

Cookie Sewell

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