1/32 scale Mirage III....opinions?

I see that the old Revell 1/32 Mirage has been rereleased in Europe. Anybody
care to comment on the quality of this kit before I throw my $$$ down? I'm
especially interested in overall accuracy when compared to the 1/48 scale
Heller Mirage III.
Thanks in advance for your comments,
Nick V
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If it is the same one I bought when I was living in Houston in the early '80s. I started building it but put it aside when I found that the instruments panel was a decal, IIRC.
Also it had either ejection marks or dips on fuselage. It came with French and Swiss markings.
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It is a very basic kit, but I have seen it built into a very impressive model. It requires a lot of scratchbuilding to get a decent cockpit. The seat is not much and as someone else pointed out, the instrument panel is a decal. That may be O.K. in 1/72 scale, but not in 1/32. I am hoping that someone will do a decent resin cockpit set now that it is being re-released. I have three sitting down in the collection. "Are you listening, Black Box"?
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
I got hold of one to convert into a Kfir C-2. I'd have to agree with Kitt - it's good for the conversion only because the missing detail is supplied in the conversion kit. Definately not as good as the stuff from Revell of late.
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NGVIII a exprimé avec précision :
The Revell kit is 30 years old, and to build an accurate Mirage III with it is a long and hard way : the majority of parts are wrong (fuselage, wings, etc...). I don't think it is impossible, but you need to not be afraid to scratch build a lot of important parts.
The 1/48 Heller is a kit I love, from a very long time. Accurate, fine... All I want when I build a model. But it isn't a model easy to buils : the fuselage is cut in front of the air intake to lat the choise between B version (two seater) and C versin (single seater). In the same time Heller wings profile is the only one I know so accurate. the surfaces are not engraved, and I'm sure it is the better way for the Mirage III, wich is a very smooth plane. A simple pencil line is enough to bound panels.
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Flying Frog
The 1/32 Mirage IIIE/R/S/RS was released in the U.S. in the fall of 1973. The 1/72 Mirage IIIE/R/S/RS was pantographed down from the 1/32 scale patterns and was released in the fall of 1976. As I recall, the 1/72 scale kit's markings were the same as the 1/32 kit.
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