1/32 Revell Mirage III

Just scored one on eBay. This one only has French and Swiss marking and I have always wanted to do an IAF bird. Isradecals doesn't show anything in 1/32 for the Mirage.

Anybody know if someone did/does/has a sheet for the IAF Mirages, most definitely a camoed one.

TIA Frank

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The IDF didn't fly the Mirage IIIE version as in the Revell kit, just the IIIC, which had a shorter forward fuselage, or the Nesher (Mirage 5 clone), which had a different nose. They also flew the Kfir, which is a derivative. Regardless, you can't build a IAF Mirage out of the box, and I don't think even the rare Revell "Mirage 5J" kit has the proper nose for a Nesher.

Probably because of that, there are no IAF Mirage decals in 1/32 scale. The closest is probably the rare Tiger Wings 1/32 sheet for the Kfir. TAC Scale made, and CAM reissued, a Kfir C7 conversion for the Revell kit.


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"Dave Williams" wrote in news:ynhCe.94266$ snipped-for-privacy@bignews5.bellsouth.net:



kit, just

Nesher (Mirage 5

Kfir, which is

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the proper

1/32 scale.

for the Kfir.

the Revell

Bummer, but thanks. Great Models lists the conversion, but it's pricey.


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