1/32nd IAR 80 ? ? ?

Hi Folks,
Age brings wisdom so they say, but also forgetfulness!
I was reading on someone's site yesterday and ran across a little
blurb stating that a company was working on producing a 32nd scale IAR
80. I thought I recalled it was "F Model" but that produced no
internet results and for the life of me I can't recall which site I
was on when I read it.
I would certainly love to see an IAR 80 in this scale and am hoping
someone out there can clue me in about it or at least which site I
was on when I read it. Any help is appreciated.
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Ol' 45
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on 3/18/2009 5:11 PM (ET) Ol' 45 wrote the following:
I couldn't find any 1/32 IAR 80 injection molded kits in my Google search. The only thing I found about a 1/32 IAR 80 is in this forum. Apparently it is a master buildup for a future Vacuform kit. Check through all the forum pages for pics of the master buildup progress.
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