WTB..1/32nd Revell P-51B..Part2,,kit search only

OK, guys, now that we have all agreed that the Revell is a piece of crap and that Rutman is producing a GREAT 51B, that I agree it is a GREAT model, I still need a Revell B model 51.The project I am working on does NOT need a $100 kit to be produced, the cheap, poorly made, out of scale, piece of crap Revell will do nicely for what I have in mind. I wasn't trying to start a debate on the merits of who builds the best, all I was trying to do was buy a model kit. Too many people on the newsgroup seem to think that they need either to give their opinions or start a pissing match, using something so simple as someone looking for a certain kit. I know all about Rutman's kits, they are a great leap forward in the 1/32nd kits that will be available to us.I have built a few, the

47 is a GREAT kit. I DON'T want a Rutman kit, I am looking for a Revell kit. Now, this time, if you have one let me know, and leave all the other crap out of it. Thanks, Swede
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I don't have one but there are five of them up on eBay right now:

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