Revell 1/32nd scale F-104 Starfighter

Hi, I have recently purchased the Revell 1/32nd scale starfighter " Ferrari" Markings, but would like to finish the kit as a colourful American or Canadian example. As I like to create my own decals using my PC and printer I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me with the data stencils, used so widely on American Aircraft types. I have spent many hours trawling the net going around in circles trying to find decent references to these stencils, but most are to small for me to read, so can anyone recomend a good site, that I might have missed, have any info as to the stencils or recomend a good book with this info.

Thanks in advance.


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Doug Skipper
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Can't answer your question, but just curious-your family originally from Alabama or Georgia?

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Robert Skipper

Hi Doug,

The kit you've bought is (if I recall correctly) an F-104G, therefore it cannot be built as a US version, unless you're willing to undertake some surgery on it. Nevertheless, if you're looking for F-104 stenciling in 1/32nd scale, try Daco Products:

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Cave Putorem Steven

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I'm pretty sure all issues of that kit contained both the short and long tail. Not sure if they had a choice of bang seats but I know they didn't have the US style mainwheels.

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Al Superczynski

The 1/32 F-104 kits of both Revell and Hasegawa can be checked out at

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regards, Meindert

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