Revell records from 1969

I was at a show in Canada yesterday and bought three records that were marketed by Revell from their 1/32nd scale kits in 1969. (you would send

35 cents to Revell with a coupon from the kit to get the record).

I got the Wildcat, Thunderbolt, and Zero records. These records are about the size of a 45rpm disc, but they are to be played at 33 1/3. They're in very good condition and a steal, I think, at the price that i paid for them.

Anyone have an idea of value? I checked ebay listings, and found none either in active or in completed auctions.

--- Stephen

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Stephen Tontoni
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I've seen some of these Revell records listed on ebay, but not very often. My impression is that they might have sold in the $20 range more or less, but I can't recall for sure. Since they come up so infrequently, I would expect the final price might vary quite a bit from auction to auction. If only two people in the world want them, but they both see your auction and bid, you might get a really good price. If one of the two doesn't see your auction that week, you won't.

I also recall seeing on the Internet sometime back that someone was offering for sale all the Revell albums rerecorded onto a CD. I don't have any more details, but if you search around you might find something. (It might even have been in this group that I saw it--don't know.) The availability of a CD copy might dampen, but not extinguish, demand for your originals.

I've still got my Revell JU-88 record from about 1968. I never had any of the other ones.

Best regards, Dave Fifer

Stephen T> I was at a show in Canada yesterday and bought three records that were

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David Fifer

We used to call them EPs in England. That's short for "extended play". They were a cheaper alternative to 12" albums which were very expensive in England. Major pop groups used to record short compilations especially for these discs. One of the most famous is "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles. Gerry Anderson also recorded a number of EPs to compliment his puppet series.


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