1/48 Pilatus Porter interior

Anyone have a suggestion for a source for a 1/48 Pilatus Porter
interior, etch or similar kit?
Hugh Mills
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Hugh, Don't know what you've found for cockpits, but I did find this pic that may help. I also assumed you were looking for the Turbo Porter, forgot about the "regular" Porter.
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(11)_turbo_porter_cockpit.jpg Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
Hugh, I didn't know there was a 1/48th scale kit available. It's been on my wants list for a long time, though. Airliners.net has some pretty good pics, but I don't recall from looking at them, whether there are any internal photos or not. Don McIntyre (who totally screwed-the-pooch on the 1/72nd scale vacform Turbo Porter). Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre

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