150 miles into my drive to the IMPS NATS I had to turn around . . .

. . . because my wife went into labor!! She was not due for another three weeks but two hours into my 7 hour drive from Memphis to my first IMPS National Convention ever, I got the call. The doctor admitted her, but by the time I got there they were sending her home. We are at home now - waiting. She seems fine and it may be another day or two, but the folks who seem to know what they are talking about think it will be this weekend. A joyous occasion, but I am missing seeing the display. Anyone out there who may have filled up the digital camera with pictures, e-mail some to me to enjoy the display vicariously. Maybe next year. - Jack

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you certainly won't forget this birth.

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There'll always be another Nationals, but you only get one chance to be at the birth of your kids. If it helps, you did the right thing ;) Chek

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Amen! It's one of the most joyous, humbling things one can be a part of.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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"Chek" wrote

Yeah, but his wife DIDN'T have the baby, remember? She's not due for three weeks, which is why he set off to Atlanta in the first place. The likely result is that he'll have missed the convention for nothing.

KL, who adjusted the date of his wedding so that he could go to AMPS.

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Kurt Laughlin

Reading up until this point, I'd assumed she was in the car with you!

Best wishes!

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Jack Bohn

I am pretty sure that her doctor and his wife were in cahoots so he did not make it to the Nats. Very well planned, two hours into the trip, "honey, come back, it's time" - he gets to the hospital and the doctor says "false alarm, she's home." I tell you someone has to pay for that act of terrorism. This poor man will never be the same, every time he steps out to get a bottle of Model Master, he will be expecting a call that says "honey, come back, it's time" and he will never get the model completed or the chance to attend the Nats. I can see the message on his tombstone: "He died and never made it to the Nats."

Ray Aust> . . . because my wife went into labor!! She was not due for another

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My wife had false labors for the last two months or so. It got so we cou;d almost just wave to the receptionist at the birthing center as I took her in. The first time we wer coming back from "HMS Pinafore". She waited until we were almost home (and near the hospital where we were supposed to have the baby) to tell me. I almost drove off the road. Ann says I may have violated a few speed laws getting her there.

By the 6th or 7th time it wasn't so bad. False labor is common in older (late 30s) women. The doctors and the nurses finally had me convinced it was fairly common and easily controlled. I never did get used to sleeping sitting up in the chairs in the room.

And if your heart is in your throat over what happened to your wife, as I said, it became a fairly regular routine for us. Her water broke 5 days before we were to induce (and that is a sound that even if you never heard it before you know exactly what it is. Trust me, I came out of the bed like I was on an ejection seat).

And 2 years hence my little starburst is healthy and happy.

Please note. The thing about not sleeping is true, just forget about it. Your wife will be exhausted all the time and a little bit, ahem, grumpy. You will be, too, but you are not permitted to complain about it. If you want to keep all your body parts. The baby will just sleep, cry and poop for some time. This is normal, if frustrating.

I found that classical music, particularly waltzes to be effective when trying to settle my little darling. I'd hold her and waltz (slowly) around the living room to help put her to sleep. It's a variation on just holding them and walking them around. They need the motion to settle them.

Best of luck. Your life is about to change like you would not believe.


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