2003 Ford GT?

Group, Is there a kit for the 2003/2004 Ford GT yet, or is there a company that will be releasing it at sometime in the near future? All I can seem to find is the Mk.I-IV Ford GT40 LeMans from the late 1960s. Thanks,

- Doug -

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Doug Smith
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Scalextric do the track racing model, and they had also released some kits so not motorised machine with paints and decals But i have a feeling under Hornby brand name so 32nd scale. If you email at marcway.com i can also check all lists i can find to see if any others.

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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales

I believe there is a 1/25th kit coming from Polar Lights sometime this year.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Mad Modeller

Move next to Jeremy Clarkson, or Martin Brundle and see a real one!

The car is uncool because JC and MB are uncool!

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