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Let's go back a couple years - Accurate Miniatures was going down the tubes and offered their multiple kits - more than one in the box. I got the Dauntless kits and also the 'common parts' box which seemingly allows four models to be built from the parts available. I recall at the time of these sales a 'legend' or 'roadmap' for which sprues to use to obtain a given airframe. I'm wanting to give one set of parts to a fellow club member but don't know what to supply. Does anyone have a copy of said legend that was passed around a few years back or can direct me? Many thanks for any help on this.

Frank Kranick

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The Kranicks
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Frank, I just looked at mine and it has two "spare" sets of fuselages... but not wings! It was a kit (I got two) that allowed you to make either a dash

3 or a dash 4, but not both. The way they did this was to provide a full set of fuselage parts...which gives the impression that you have two complete kits...

Regards, Robert Beach Norfolk, VA USA

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Robert Beach

Yes, and you only need a handfull of parts off the dash 4. To this end, they sold an "upgrade" at the Nats in Chicago and online which included enough parts to make two whole kits. But to make the initial version offered some enterprising individual is going to have to mold the few parts off the dash 4 in resin. Why you lookin' at me? 8^) hth

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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