[AIR] CF-104 paint scheme

does anyone know a close F.S.Match for the overall green Canadian
Starfigthers in the 1970ies? Instructions call for "green 503-122", but
I do not have a clue what a good match would be.
Thanks in advance!
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frank herkenhoff
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according to Modeldecal sheet 23, "The CAF shade of Dark Green 503-103 approximates to Nato Dark Green or Green FS595a:34086."
Tim Brandt
frank herkenhoff wrote:
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Tim Brandt
That dark green weathered very rapidly, so anything that looks close to you will probably be just right.
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Jeff C
In fact I've seen pictures of ships with several apparent shades and states of gloss. Every touch-up will make the overall appearance tattier. On Pg.58 of Verlinden's F-104 book there's an overall green ship (#786) with a tip tank in the green/grey scheme. You can't see the port tank to know what it looks like.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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