Airbrush help

I'be been trying to understand the equipment setup I would need to
airbrush. I just realized today that I have a pump, compressor and
bottle in my garage for my lawn sprinkler system. The bottle has a
fitting of some type on the side. Would it be possible to use this to
fill a small air bottle that could then be detached and used to
airbrush. If so, what sort of equipment would I need?
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The correct term is air tank. You can buy just tanks in various sizes measured in gallons to hold air. The fittings can be a project in them selves. I have a Badger compressor and an air tank and a combination compressor/tank I won in a raffle. It's just a matter of finding the combination of threaded and snap on connectors and hoses. There are different diameters and thread spacings. Go to a Home Depot or other hardware store and have a look at the fittings and connectors. You'll get an idea of what you need pretty quick. You'll need a pressure regulator and a water trap. Badger makes both including an airhose to connect to the airbrush with and inline water trap. It's threaded on the inlet size to connect to an air can with adapter but it is a standard size and you'll find an adapter at the hardware store to go from the 3/8" or 1/4" on the tank end to the 1/8" on the other.
Me like my Badgers. 8)
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