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Greetings guys :
More and more I would like to be able to spray acrylics instead of enamels -
the smell, fumes, etc... However, I have not a lot of luck spraying
acrylics through my Paasche VL. The paint tends to dry and gum up the #1
needle on the VL. Should I consider a larger tip and needle when spraying
acrylics or just have a second brush for non enamel spraying ?
Your recommendations or advice are appreciated.
Todd Henry
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Todd Henry
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"Todd Henry" wrote in news:P4fXe.5012$
Hi Todd,
I do have/had some more troubles with clogging up my airbrush tips when I went from enamels to acrylics. Mostly Tamiya and a lot of (old) pactra acrylics (nowhere to be had anymore in The Netherlands which is a shame) I'm glad I have some in store.
I found that thinning them with plain water was the main reason. Thinning them with their appropriate thinners would be the best option, albeit the most expensive. Window washer fluid works very well for me.
And it always helps to keep checking your tip and keep some moistened Q- tips handy. just poke 'em in and twist and your tip is clean again.
HTH, Cheers,
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