Airfix Buccaneer x 2

Saw the box at £24 for 1/48th scale so I picked it up - heavy!

Asked to have a look inside - 2 WHOLE Buccaneer kits.

So that will be one RAF and one FAA

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This is a special edition by Airfix, the first batch of kits have 2 complete kits, after those are gone you will only get one basic airframe, but with the weapons sprues from both the RAF and FAA boxings, so you can make either or.

Its a great promo in my opinion I went out and bought one, despite the fact that I already have 4 (2 x RAF and 2 x FAA) of the original release kits !!!

Happy modelling Ant

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Ant Phillips

I am building them as a pair

Still have to finish my Revell Hunter as well

And a Fairey Fulmar, and not to mention the Falklands Vulcan

(I have 3 Falkland models 1/48 SHAR, 1/24 GR3 and the 1/72 Vulcan)

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