AMTech Models?

Just tried to access AMTech Models' website and it seems to be gone
formatting link
. What's the story? Is the company now
out of business?
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The Collector
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Maybe I should apologize to that Monogram 1/48th P-61 Black Widow I have in the stash?
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: Maybe I should apologize to that Monogram 1/48th P-61 Black Widow I : have in the stash? : I would like to know why Dragon has not pantographed their 1/72 P-61 to 1/48?
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Bruce Burden
Oh, how I hated those satin-surfaced DML kits! Including the P-61, which went together eventually but it was hard work. I think they'd have to do a lot of re-engineering to get a decent fit and reasonable breakdown in 1/48 at the standards expected nowadays.
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Gernot Hassenpflug
I made up the YF-22 and YF-23 kits and they put me off DML stuff. There was way too much guesswork involved in where parts were to go. The YF-23 came out slightly better and was sold several years ago but the YF-22 met with an accident and was reduced to parts. None of the other DML kits I'd bought were ever attempted except the 1/200th B-2. It would be done but the landing gear hid out in the wrong box for a couple of years. I just found them last year whilst going through a couple of "What do I have in here?" boxes.
So what did happen to AMTech?
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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And what happened to the P-61 molds? WRF
"Nooooooo! Stop me before I build again."
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How typical... You post a *VERY* simple question and you got 5 replies so far. That is good except that none of the replies even attempt to answer your questions.
Err.. make it 6 replies as mine is also just a commentary. No idea about AMTech... Sorry. Peteski
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Peter W.
I'd also like to know if AMTech is still in or is out of business. Is there anyone out there who can just answer that question?
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Bill Woodier
Ditto on that, Bill. I spoke to one of the owners last year in Atlanta and he seemed good to go for the future. I expressed my desire for them to go ahead with their announced Big Banjo but nothing came of that - I ended up buying the CollectAire edition... From what I understand, one of the partners had some fairly serious medical issues for a while. Maybe that played into it... Well, AMTech was a nice idea while it lasted... :-(
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
Thanks so much for your commentary! For a while there, I thought it was just me who didn't understand my question. Now I'm sure that I posted the right question but got back no related responses.
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The Collector

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