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What if the British Fleet Air Arm used Messerschmitt Bf109s during the late


Shortly I intend to build a Seafire FR17 and a Fairey Gannet, both in the Extra Dark Sea Grey/Sky colour scheme. Therefore, I've repainted one of my paint dummies in the scheme to see if there are any problems with it. As I intend to use an experimental fading technique (dosing acrylic matt varnish with a small amount of very pale grey) I've also decalled the dummy.

The dummy I chose is an old Airfix Bf109F. I must say that the FAA colour scheme really suits the Bf109. It looks excellent!

So what are you favourite "What if?" schemes?

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Enzo Matrix
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TSR2, current RAF low-viz or desert pink.

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flak monkey

costal command me 262! or con-or per-versly a late war nazi sunderland.

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I did a botched build of a P-38 in Navy Atlantic Theater Sub Hunter Dark Grey over White with big stars once. Now that I think of it, a P-61 in that scheme would look pretty good...

Jack G.

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Jack G

Hmm, I've had this fantasy of painting up a P-51D in dark grey over light, marked with 1942 stars.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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F-107 in SEA or ADC, YB-49 in TWA

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Chuck Ryan

A Wyvern in either Sea Blue Gloss or Light Gull Grey/White might look nice!

How about a Spitfire 22 in SEA as a FAC?


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Chris Hughes

Recently did a Me 262 as a French Navy with folded wings, all over gloss blue and black / yellow Suez stribes. Had a lot of fun doing it, so I also did an X-1 as a fighter with wingtip Sidewinder missiles and underwing gunpods. Painted it Olive Drab over Neutral Grey and used prewar stars with the meatball in them - and some nice noseart. Both Revell 1:32 scale kits.

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Claus Gustafsen

how about an F-15E in the pink camo used by the RAF in Desert Shield/Storm with lo-viz decals

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My favorite jape to date:

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PS: I am Chaim Joshen (I'm joshin') so I wrote the article "Jugs Over the Sinai". Terry Moore and I built the P47's. We got a lot of bites on that one.

-- Stephen Tontoni

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Stephen Tontoni

I remember reading a sci-fi story (counterfactual type) about a German=20 attack on US soil using the S=E4nger "Silverbird" and a German nuke. The=20 bomber was shot down by a young Army Air Force captain named Yaeger=20 flying a rocket fighter (engine designed by Robert Goddard) named=20 "Glamorous Glynnis".....

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The Old Man

A couple of ideas I had were an A-10 and A-37 with folding wings, tailhooks and a Navy paint scheme. I think both would have been great carrier-borne a/c.

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