Anybody here have any experiences with F-toys?

Specifically with replacing a missing part. I bought the kit on ebay from a firm in Hong Kong but I wouldn't expect them to have a parts supply. Besides the bag that held the parts was sealed until I opened it. I was disturbed to find three main landing gear legs when the He

177 has four. I could see by the diagram where the fourth one was supposed to be. Yes, I did look on the floor underneath me just in case. Otherwise, these kits are really neat and you don't have to worry about painting canopy frames as they've been done for you. The only items I added were the side Balkankreuzen and the hakenkreuzen on the tail. Since no German 1/144th kit seems to have the latter anyway I'll have to scrounge up really small ones from my decal supplies.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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