Bad experiences with RTUs

Hi all,

I've worked in several R&D departments and also in the field for several SCADA system manufacturers and was wondering if anyone has any bad comments and/or experiences with specific RTUs.

Thanks, Andrew

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Hi Cameron,

Funny you should mention those products. I worked for MOX for the last year or so and I worked for RTUnet (kingfisher) for two years prior to that. Yeah the Kingfisher Series II works really well as long as you use their native protocol. Their new product should be great once it is released and has any initial teething problems ironed out (standard for any tech product really). The MOX range of products are my pick though, pound for pound are great value, redundancy and flexibility. I worked for Invensys for 6 years and their RTU50 product was a do everything and do it well type product but it was a bit pricey. Nothing but bad experiences with HWT and Serck equipment though.


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Bad experiences? Yep - plenty. Mostly to do with crappy initial configuration and lousy support from the supplier..

Motorola MOSCAD: There are about 2 installations over here and about 1 crowd that supports them - the oringinal supplier gave up long ago :-(. One installation we were involved with has a network of these things using DNP3 over land-line back to the host. The software is clumsy and one failure takes out the entire system.

Hunter Watertech PDS 500: No on-board indication that the units are communicating with each other properly.

Good experiences include Kingfisher (still fully supported by the same company that makes them) and MOX.


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Cameron Dorrough

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