Aurora Chinese Junk

How many here remember this kit. What scale was it made in. I seem to
think it was 1/48 does that sound right. Was it ever re-issued under
Monogram or any other brand. Just how hard is it to find one of these
Junk Models today.
Does anyone have one of these Kits that they would be willing to let go
I really would like to see one of those Junk Models again
... Carl ..........
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cyberborg 4000
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That's not fair--for it's time, a nice model!
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Closer to God's scale, I think. The fittings and such all appear to be in the neighborhood of 1:72 or maybe a little bigger. In a way, similar to their Viking ship and Roman bireme. Those had crew that all appeared to be around 1:72. It wasn't reissued by anyone else to the best of my limited knowledge, just three times by Aurora, judging by the box art. The Viking ship is now being issued by Smer. The Roman bireme that I have is NOT the Heller/Aurora, but an older one from the 1950s or early 1960s. It has totally different box art than the Heller example. The Junk shows up on eBay from time to time and usually seems to run about $30 or so.
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The Old Man
I had a Monogram Junk that came out around the same time as the River Assault Group boat and the Swift Patrol Boat. It was 1/48 scale.
It was probably a different kit than the Aurora Junk. My Aurora book lists it as the Armed Command Junk and is 1/68 scale.
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The Monogram kit was a Vietnam War era Command Junk. Issued the same time as two brown water Navy patrol boats. The Aurora Junk was a Chinese Merchant ship - issued in the 1950s. I built one way back then - I was in grade school, If I remember correctly the detail was sort of coarse, but it still built into a decent model.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
The Aurora junk was 1/68th or thereabouts. The Monogram "Command Junk" was a completely different model as was listed as 1/48th.
All things are possible for him that is willing to spend enough money.
Don't, however, expect to pick one up for the $2.49 price printed on the box.
There's one on e-bay - sans instruction sheet - right now.
Current bid is $15.50. Almost certain to go quite a bit higher.
And I want an Aurora XF-90.
But I can't afford one of those, either.
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Bill Shatzer
Aurora may not be available anymore, but the Trumpeter Chinese vessels. e.g. 60CM CHINESE CHENG-HO SAILING SHIP may suffice, see
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check the other Chinese ships, click on the search engine and then use the drop down windows to select brand = "Trumpeter" and category "Ship-Plastic Kit"
Also did everyone read about the Chinese mapping America before Columbus? "Pre-Columbus map may be authentic: NZ study"
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2006-03-25 10:55:48
perhaps Columbus simply wanted to follow an existing map he had been given...
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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Add me to the list wanting the Aurora Junk, please. The one that I really want is 437 Armed Command Junk. Can anyone comment on whether this is anywhere near a realistic presentation for the Vietnam War period?
Anything is possible in kit searches. Several years ago I bought a collection of about seventy kits. In the bottom of the boxes were all of the parts, decals and instructions (spread out between several boxes) for the Aurora Cheyenne helicopter. Some kind soul on RMS sent me a box and, voila!, a kit of a kit.
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