Auto-Etch Benchtop Photo-etch System

Several years ago ('96 I think) I bought the Auto-Etch system from
P.O. Box 12921j
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Ph. 215 751 1060
FAX 215 751 0025
The goal was to make some 1/700 scale detailed parts, but somehow I never
got around to it. With the arrival of retirement, I finally opened the box
and am trying to proceed with the project. You guys know how that goes.
A few of questions for the group
- Does anyone have any experience with this process? - the instructions
are just flakey enough to give little confidence.
- Does this company still exist? A Google search doesn't find anything.
- If anyone has already gone thru the process of making 1/700 scale
propellers for a DD963/CG47 I would be interested in getting some. The
usual folks that make detail sets (Flagship Models, Gold Metal Models) don't
have these parts.
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